American College Test

The ACT is a nation wide test taken in a student’s junior year of high school. The test has 4 sections (english, math reading, and science) with the optional writing section. It tests on skills such as grammar, sentence structure, and strategy on the english section. I am not an expert but I do have my own opinion and I have taken 4 practice tests and 2 real tests.

Sitting at a desk for  4-5 hours with a 10 and 5 minute break in between is not fun. Being pressured with time doesn’t help either. Students have 1 minute to finish a math problem whether it be “What is the slope of the equation 6x + 3y = 4?” or a full on word problem with 10 steps to find the answer. They must write an essay within 40 minutes and get less than a minute for one question on the english section.

However, I do applaud to whoever came up with the ACT and SAT. It is simply yet so complex. Choosing what to test students on that will reflect on their skills must have been a complicated process. I am amazed at how organized the process is that allows the students to focus on the test in front of them.

The ACT is one of the requirements that colleges look into when examining a student. Admissions offices take students’ ACT scores into consideration to see if the student will fit their college. Although the ACT doesn’t measure a students abilities, it certainly isn’t the only factor when colleges consider enrolling a student to their school and I’m grateful that it isn’t. The best of luck to rising seniors!

– I.S.


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