Every time I watch fireworks I always think about you. How you loved the different colors in the night sky. It’s been four years since you’ve been gone but I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I’ll never forget about you, but I need to move on and that’s exactly what I’ve found. He makes me so happy and brings out the best of me. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, not since you were here. So I’m asking you, “Is it okay now? Is it okay to love him? To accept that there is someone else to love me? Is it okay that there is someone else I love?” I will never forget you, ever.

This is a piece I was working on the other day and never quite finished. It was inspired by something I watched but don’t remember what it was called. There was a scene where the girl looked up to the sky and asked her deceased ex if it time for her to love someone else and he gave her a sign. I might work on this some more but for now this is where it is at.

– I.S.


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