Living in a refugee camp can be quite fun in its own way. My brother and I always tried to make the most out of our situation. We usually played hide and seek to find all of the best hiding places to get away from the soldiers. We never really liked the soldiers. We would hide in our small house made from bamboo or behind the storage building where we made a toy car from sticks and rocks we found. I remember a nice soldier that treated us well. He would play house with us and sometimes gave us bread. The soldier never yelled at us like the others and he would smile or make silly faces. He was happy when we were around but one day he left. He didn’t say goodbye and when we asked, no one answered. We never found out what happened to him, maybe he went home. My brother would complain that he missed the solder from time to time, I did too. The soldier made living a little bit bearable.

– I.S.


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