Carleton Summer Writing Program

The time I spent at the Summer Writing Program (SWP) at Carleton has to be, hands down, the best 3 weeks of my life. The overall schedule for me was core class, break, writing workshop, lunch, discussion. I ended me academic classes by 2 PM and the rest of my day was filled with activities that the PACAs planned or hanging out with my friends on days that I didn’t need to write.

So starting off with Monday I would have a regular day with what I described earlier. I really enjoyed hanging out in the library with my friends watching whatever we could find. We watched a Bollywood movie called the 3 Idiots and it was amazing. I haven’t watched a Bollywood movie in such a long time and I usually only watch romance movies so watching something that wasn’t concentrated on romance was refreshing. Onto Tuesdays, we received our prompts that we could choose from to write our essay about for that week. This was always a stressful day for all of the students as well as Wednesday. Many people were trying to finish my 10 PM and print since that was the latest that one of the buildings were opened. Thursdays was when our essays were due and we could relax. Friday we received our essays back with our readers’ comments and had to revised them over the weekend and turned them back in on Monday. We also did some creative writing on Thursday and Friday which was really nice because we didn’t have to do more academic writing. We also had 3 – 4 readings each night that we had to read for discussion in core class the next day.

Besides the academic stuff there was a lot of free time for the students to enjoy the campus, town, and the people. Northfield is a very small town. Some may like that but for me, I love the big city so I was not a fan of it. There was a street that most of the stores were on. There were some really nice shops like CakeWalk and there was a book shop. There is definitely things to do there and I had a fun time exploring the town while getting to know more about my classmates. We went bowling, a Target run, and shopped.

The campus was beautiful and the people there were amazing. SWP was the most diverse out of all the programs that were there on campus and I loved that. The people I met were so intellectual about a variety of subjects. Everyone was super friendly, positive, and open-minded. I absolutely adored my floor. I loved the girls that I shared my night with every day. Their loud singing and spontaneous laughter. They made my experience very special. I would definitely recommend this program to high schools. If you want to learn more about the program you can go to this link:

– I.S.


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