College Applications

I will be a senior this coming up school year and college applications is the number one thing on my mind. It is the gateway to college and college is very important to me. Yes as everyone says (or so it seems) a college degree will lead to a high pay check and a better job. But I believe that your experience at college is also very important. You are transitioning from a teenager to being an adult and adulthood is not easy from what I’ve seen. Finding who you are and how you are going to impact the world is something you can find out through college. There are so many lessons to learn from during college and they’re not just from your classes. Those are a few reasons why I think college is important although I know that college may not be for everyone, some may not like college at all. To start the college life, you must first be accepted.

The college essay has been a struggle for me. I have 4 drafts in my Google documents and I don’t like a single one of them. I want to talk about so much but then I find myself stuck with nothing to talk about. It’s this never ending cycle of deleting and rewriting. I have plenty of help around me but I am stubborn. I like to believe that I am independent and that I can do this on my own, although I know I should ask for help. I have read other college essays from previous students and they are amazing but when I go to write, nothing comes to mind. Maybe comparing my essay with theirs is a wrong method and I do believe that. I should be comparing myself to myself. The college essay is a hard process. It takes time, a lot of writing, and revision.

Another struggle is finding my parents information. My parents are divorced and both remarried. My dad also lives in another state. My mom, on the other hand, has all her paperwork everywhere and it is so hard to find. I’ve seen my siblings struggle with this same problem. I dread filling out the FAFSA form although it is such an important part. Thinking about all of this is already stressful. Apparently something new this year is filling out the FAFSA at the same time as doing college applications. Before, the FAFSA is filled out during/after January or so I believe. I’m not 100 percent sure about that but it was after college applications. Doing both of these at the same time will be a struggle for the graduating class of 2017.

Finding my fit has been hard as well. I understand that college is what you make of it no matter where you go but I believe that you should at least like the school. I am very indecisive and I will change my opinion many times which makes it hard to find what I want in a school. Big or small? Far or close to home? City or suburban? Whenever I need to fill these things out on a college site, like College Greenlight, I tend to select all because I don’t actually know what I want. This I believe can be solved or at least improved by college visits. I have been on many visits and I intend to go on more to specific colleges and universities that I am interested in. With an understanding of how that specific school is like, this will help with deciding if that school makes it to the list. I do still have troubles with deciding my fit with a school but it has improved.

Lastly, I want to congratulate all of the high school seniors. We have made it this far and there is 1 more year left so make the most out of it. You may never see these people ever again. High school has helped me grow so much and there are so many people that I am thankful for.

– I.S.


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