What this election means to me

It has been three days since the election ended. We have seen Hilary and Trump’s speech. We have seen the protests across the nation. We may have even seen family and friends cry over this change.  I turned 18 right before the day of the election and it was an honor to vote. We will never forget this year, it has made an ever lastly mark on our history books.

Donald Trump’s victory has shown me a lot of things about America. I see now more than ever that racism has been here since England colonized the Americas and it has stuck with America ever since. Racism has shown its ugly head that it is still strongly present and engraved into the system. This means that many many families will be separated, people will be sent back to their country of birth, and that’s it’s okay to mistreat people you don’t like. None of this is okay. This election still feels surreal to me. It amazes me that so many people have the same beliefs as Trump.

Do we not care for humanity anymore? Do we not care for others who are living in hell where their country is at war, a place where you don’t know if you will live? Do we not care for each other anymore?  I know this isn’t so because I know many amazing people who believe in the good of humanity, but with Trump’s victory my faith has plummeted.

But there is hope for the future. Theresa Caney twitted a photo on November 9th of the how the millennials voted and only 5 states were red. This means a lot for the future. We always say that the next generation is the future and it’s true. Now we can see that millennials believe in a diverse and loving country. That is what Hillary Clinton stood for, at least for me.

Clinton meant feminism, empowerment, racial justice, hope, and much more. This was not about some contest we call the presidential election; this was about what each candidate stood for. Trump, in my eyes, stood for a never changing America where white men would have power over everyone else.

I understand that there are three branches to the government to keep each other in check and the president has limited power but we must look at what our past presidents has accomplished, a lot has been done. I have heard people say that Trump won’t be able to do much as the president, but take a look at the beginning of his campaign. We all thought he was kidding and it was ridiculous, but now he will be America’s new president. Don’t take him so lightly, he has accomplished a lot and he still wants to do more.

I think it is also important to congratulate the other amazing accomplishments for women of color with this election. Kamala Harris, Tammy Duckworth, Catherine Cortez Masto, Pramila Jayapal, and Ilhan Omar. Six women of color who are breaking glass ceilings in this election.

Yes we are a deeply divided nation, but we are still ONE nation. We are all a part of America. We may have our differences, but we all live in this country. No matter who or what you stand for, please remember that we are all humans. We all want to live and be happy. May everyone stay safe.

– I.S.


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