IOS Apps to try

Recently I’ve started trying out different apps on my iPhone 7. With only 2 classes this semester I’ve had a lot of free time, most of it spent on my phone.

For college students who just can’t seem to get away from your phones, this app is for you. Power Points is an app that you can use in class. Once you start class you enter into the app and it’ll lock your phone for as long as you want. Every 20 minutes you spend in class, off your phone, you can earn one point. You can use these points in stores like Starbucks, Office Depot, ZUZU, and much more.

I’ve just starting using the app and I truly think it’s a brilliant idea. But I have encountered a problem. My two classes are on the bottom floor of a residential hall so when I’m in class the app thinks otherwise. The app tracks your location and knows whether your on campus or not. Now since it doesn’t work when I’m actually in class, I have used it out of class… I spend most of my time in a student lounge between my classes and my the app works when I’m there. So in a way you can manipulate it.

The next app is the Amazon app. I love buying things on Amazon since it’s super easy and everything I’ve bought has been real, not knockoffs. I also have Amazon Prime which is super convenient. Just pay once and you can have your packages delivered within 2 or even 1 day for a whole year. This is especially useful during Christmas time. Living in a state that has one of the worst winters, it’s perfect when I don’t want to go outside to buy Christmas presents. The app is really easy to navigate and I can use it whenever I want to.

Since early last year I’ve starting a gratitude log in my bullet journal, but towards the beginning of 2017 I’ve stopped using my bullet journal for a couple reasons that I won’t get in to. When I stopped writing in my gratitude log I noticed I was more stressed and easily annoyed. Now of course there were other factors involved, but my gratitude log really made my analyze myself and just be thankful for what I have in life so I wanted to continue it.

Since I wasn’t writing in my bullet journal and I still wanted a gratitude log, I went onto my app store and started looking. After trying a few different apps, I settled with an app called Grateful. It is very easy to use and gets to the point of it all: writing down what I’m grateful for. There are a few different prompts that you can choose from and you can write as much as you want. A few bullet points or a paragraph, there’s no limit. I’ve been really enjoying using this app and you can set reminders. I tend to forgot to do certain tasks unless I have it written down or have a reminder so this was perfect for me.

These are just a few apps that I have been loving so far. Like everyone else, I have many apps on my phone. Your phone is stuck with you 24/7 so might as well put it to use.

– I.S.


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