Podcasts That You Should Be Listening

Podcasts are taking over our phones making it easier when you’re driving to work or if you’re tired of hearing the same songs on the radio. They are easy to access from your phone and there is a wide range of genres to pick from. Here I’m sharing podcasts that everyone should be listening to.

1. Ladies Who Lunch

Hosted by Ingrid Nelson and Cat Valdes, these ladies aren’t scared of talking about the uncomfortable topics such as gender, sexuality, and mental health. They are witty and funny, but at the same time open-minded and wise, having gone through a lot in life. In each episode, letters from the fans are read and given advice from these ladies. Whether you’re struggling with a relationship or a mental health issue, there is an episode for everyone. There is no beating around the bushes with these girls, they get right to the point and aren’t scared of talking about their opinions. Ingrid and Cat are both youtubers as well, so if you can’t get enough of them from their podcasts, subscribe to their youtube channels.

2. Lavendaire

This was the first podcast I’ve ever listened to because I found Aileen through her Youtube channel. According to Aileen’s podcast and youtube description, her motto is “Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece.” This is a beautiful quote because even though at times it seems like there are many things we can’t control, our decisions and actions shape our lives in the way we want it. Everything about her is bright, colorful, and so fluffy. Her brand is beautiful from her channel to her Instagram. She is all about growth, finding yourself, and getting that dream life because it’s possible. Topics that Aileen talks about are landing your dream job, personal development, mindfulness and much more. She is also a singer and has a charming voice to listen to.

3. Perfectly Imperfect

A podcast that talks about being imperfect, another word for it, human. Christine and Regina talk about being a woman in today’s society from rejections to FOMO (Fear of missing out). Christine and Regina have experience working in the Youtube realm, where they meet each other as co-workers. They started off by having deep conversations and wanted to share their opinions with the world. Their latest episode about FOMO is real and very relatable. These ladies talk about real problems about relationships with friends, families, lovers, and yourself.

4. Be Sheroic

A podcast that just joined the community, but Cassey Ho has built a name for herself in the entertainment world with Blogilates. Cassey, along with Lisa Bilyeu, a founding member of Quest Nutrition, started their podcast to encourage people to be sheroic. Their name is a play on words; S/HERO/IC. Making sure that women are also being shown that they can and are strong. Both of these ladies focus their life on nutrition, fitness, and health. They have come together to share their stories to empower others and being best you can be.

Anyone can and should listen to these podcasts because each podcast talks about problems that need to be heard; mental well-being, physical health, and relationships. We sometimes feel alone in a world with 7 billion people but we are more similar than we seem to be. By listening to people who have gone through their own troubles, we can try to find answers to our own questions.

– I.S.


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